"I remember when River Phoenix died, he was ahead of me on this curve. He kind of realized how hard it was to make serious movies. People like Sidney Lumet figured out how to walk that line, but it’s hard. And it requires patience. It’s a life’s work and I wonder if I’m up to the task."
- Ethan Hawke

Anonymous asked:
Hey! I just wanted to say that I really love your blog, you know this is a bit weird but whenever I think about river, I get so upset and I end up crying but he's in a better place now but I just miss him, the first movie I watched ( stand by me) I watched all of his movies and I just love him! Love your blog xxxx

Tnaw, thank you! Neh, it’s not weird at all. He meant a whole lot to you, probably more than anyone realize. I can relate to you, and understand why you miss him even though you might’ve not known him. And you know, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel loss and mourn someone- But always try to remember not to get pulled down. His passing was a tragic loss, nothing else. Instead of grieving… try to pay tribute to his life, the boy he was and the man he wanted to become. Warm thoughts to you, my friend. ☮ ✌




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